Meet the Team - Bryan Shepherd
August 9th, 2023

In 1989, my life took an unexpected turn as I entered the funeral industry in Darlington. The passing of my father marked a pivotal moment, steering me away from the licensed trade in the north east that had been my previous path for nearly 20 years. Leading me on a deeply meaningful journey, one that would touch the lives of countless families in their times of need.
In 2005, I joined the esteemed Whitehouse Funeral Service. It’s an honour to be part of this dedicated team, I feel a sense of purpose that goes beyond mere profession. This calling was further solidified after the loss of my mother just months after my father's passing. The experience of arranging their funerals with a funeral director in Newcastle sparked a realization - a realization that I could offer something profound to families in similar circumstances.
My work as a funeral director fills me with immense joy. Every day brings a new story, a new family to comfort, and a new opportunity to make a difference. The honour and privilege I feel to help individuals during what might be the toughest period of their lives is immeasurable. Ensuring that their loved ones are treated with the dignity care and the utmost respect that they deserve is a commitment that I, along with my colleagues at Whitehouse Funeral Service, hold dear.
Outside of my profession, I enjoy the simplest of pleasures in life like walking alongside my faithful canine companion Charlie, as well as the enjoyment of our good friend’s company. Sharing a meal with family and friends at a restaurant is a delightful indulgence. Holidays with my partner of 25 years, George, is also a cherished escape. I enjoy nothing more than being surrounded by love and laughter of our family, treasuring every shared memory with our five wonderful grandchildren.
As a funeral director, I've learned that even in moments of loss, there is an opportunity to provide solace and support. Together, we navigate the delicate balance between sorrow and celebration, holding onto the memories that shape our lives. Bryan’s qualities of kindness, care and earned respect are the very reason we consider him an invaluable asset to Whitehouse Funeral Service.

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