Walney 2 Wear Cycle Ride Completed
July 1st, 2010

The Cycle ride of the year took place over the weekend of the 29th, 30th and 31st of May 2010.

Like last year a merry band of cyclist, of all abilities, set of from Walney Island, Barrow to tackle the near impossible task of cycling 150miles over the three days.

Day one started early, 6.30am, with everyone, barring a few who went direct, meeting at Shildon Masonic Lodge and travelling in convoy in the three vans. Spirits where high with the talk of 'Oh my god what have i got myself in for!'. Arriving in Walney Island we unpacked and set out on the route at approx 9.30am.

Weather was good for most of the day and other than the odd wrong way all 19 riders made it safely to Kendal. First day and approx 50 miles completed.

Day two. Big, Big Day. Sore bums and tired legs greeted everyone.

Once into the riding all was forgotten with the aim to make it to Barnard Castle before dusk. Well we had to get passed TAN HILL first!!!.

Again the weather was kind with vital fluid intake taken at Tan Hill thank goodness the solo singer finished when he did or there may of been afew casualties on the way to Barney. Unlucky Gary!!!

Ken fancied his chances with this one!!!

However we all made the 60 miles plus. God were we tired!!!

Day three. More sore bums and legs. Shorter and flatter day to finish. It must be easier, well once we got through Hamsterley!!!

A further 50 miles plus was completed and the coast at Sunderland for the first time was greeted with JOY!!

A big THANK YOU to all who helped to organise the event, all those who donated, all those who gave their time and all those who took part.Lets see if the total of last year, £9k colud be beat!!

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